Do you know about Android?

Hello Friends, In today’s article we will talk about Android. If we ask kids of 5th class about Android then they will also tell. In the world of Internet then Android knows all. Most smartphones use Android Operating System (OS). If you are an Android user then you should also read this article full. So let’s talk about Android in detail.

What is Android?

There is no one in the world who does not know Google. This Google Company developed the operating system for smartphones, which is called Android. Made Android with open source software and Linux kernel base. Designed specifically to work on the screen touch and tablet. The interface of android is quite attractive, which has been given in the screen such as swiping, tapping, pinching and virtual keyboard. Along with that, internal hardware accelerometer, proximity sensor and gyroscopes etc. are usually found on any android smartphone. At present Google has not only launched Android smartphones but also the devices like Android TV, Clock, etc., based on their interface, they have launched attractive features in the market.

Android History:

Initially this was the android inc. company’s project. Their purpose was to launch android as a digital camera. Looking forward to changing the phone in the camera in the future, In 2003, Andy Rubin and his 3 colleague discovered Android. But two years later, in July 2005, Google bought it for $ 50 million in view of the powerful power potential of android in the future and Andy Rubin gave the main position of Android developer in Google Company. In 2008, Google launched its first Android smartphone in market. After launching an android smartphone, android has been bringing the new version from time to time to upgrade features. Android smartphones worldwide are available in 100 languages.

When android started and why?

In the year 2007 when Android was not launched, we could only use apps or inbuilt games in the phone at that time. In 2007, Google launched an android operating system based on Linux software. Because of that today we can easily run social apps and many games, in a smartphone.

In today’s world, smartphones are becoming so popular because of the Android operating system. It is also very easy to use. It also comes with new updates. Now the smartphones become so cheap that poor people can also buy. Android is very cheap in comparison to iPhone and Windows Phone. Most people’s choice is becoming Android smartphones. Whatever the Google app is in Android, it is very useful to you. Google Play Store is an app that allows you to download and install the other application. There are so many features in it that will benefit you.

In this article, we have given you full information about Android. If you have read our entire article, then surely you must have understood what is Android. We should say thank you to the Google Company, Who built a cool smartphone in market. We will continue to bring you such an interesting topic. Please stay connected to our website. Thank you!

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