Are you troubled by baldness | Top Reasons Of Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very big problem in today’s youth. Some people have more hair fall, some people have low hair loss and some people become bald before time. What is the reason behind this that the head’s hair falls before the time? Why do our hair fall? Why does hair fall? In this article we will give you complete information about hair fall. So let’s start

There may be many reasons behind the loss of hair of a human being whether it is female or female. If some are genetic, then something happens with food and place. If your diet means you do not eat Vitamins, and your body does not get enough amount of vitamins, then it starts to fall hair. If you take more stress, then your hair starts to fall. Some people take various types of medicines to prevent hair loss, and if they take different types of medicines, then also start the hair fall.

What are the reasons of hair fall?


Yes, if you have more dandruff in your hair. So this is also a hair fall cause. If your hair has a high amount of dandruff, then your hair will start to lose too much.


If you are disturbed by your work or you get too much stress, then your hair starts to fall apart.

Chemical Shampoo:

If you use different types of shampoo daily or use shampoo repeatedly. So it starts to fall hair. As you all know, how many chemicals in shampoo nowadays are harmful to our hair.

Scalp infection:

If you have an infection in your scalp, then there is too much hair in it. In this case you will need to consult with doctor.


As you all know, how much vitamins in the body are necessary. If your body does not get enough vitamins, it also causes hair to fall. According to a research, it has been found that the lack of vitamin B in the body also causes hair loss.


During pregnancy, changes in the women’s hormones. At that time, Women’s hair is more likely to fall.

Healthy food:

Nowadays, young people like to eat outside food. They do not know that eating out the junk food we do not get the right amount of protein. This is also one of the reasons for hair fall.

If you have apply any type of hair product in your hair like hair colour and hair jel. This is also one of the reasons for hair fall.

On YouTube you will find many videos on Hair Fall prevention and on the websites you will also see lots of posts on hair fall. How much truth is there in? Those people will know this thing only.

Can the hair fall be stopped? Our answer is yes. Our opinion is that you need to show the dermatologist. After check, the doctor will be able to tell the reason why hair fall start. Better you get advice from doctor and start the medicine.

Post Author: Anki